Best Reasons to Use DisplayPort (Part I)

There has been growing interest in the DisplayPort standard and its unique features, such as higher resolution and multi-streaming via a single DisplayPort output. Since its origination on business-oriented laptops and desktops, DisplayPort is now found on more mainstream devices. With the latest Intel Haswell series CPUs supporting DisplayPort and multi-streaming capabilities, we take this opportunity to highlight a few of the best reasons to use DisplayPort:

  • Increased productivity

Having two or three displays side-by-side doesn’t just look cool, it can actually boost your productivity. Through the use of multiple monitors, users can park content that is not an immediate focus on different monitors to de-clutter their working landscape. Expanding a desktop from one monitor to three can boost productivity when it comes to completing tasks efficiently, as well as eliminate the juggling and resizing of windows to fit within a single monitor pane. With DisplayPort Multi-Stream Transport (MST), only a single cable is needed to carry the signal to multiple displays. MST also supports high quality graphics while using a high bandwidth signal from a DisplayPort output and divides this signal into separate video streams, enabling different content being displayed on multiple monitors. For users who need to multi-task in this fast-paced world, DisplayPort makes it simple to connect multiple monitors and increase productivity and efficiency.

VESA Comp PicVesa Comp pic 2


  • The ultimate gaming experience

DisplayPort provides the highest performance for PC gaming display configurations so gamers can experience the full capabilities of advanced graphics available. For gamers, there are two main criteria for their equipment needs: high resolution and multiple monitor capabilities. DisplayPort offers gamers 4K Ultra HD support at 60Hz through a single cable, enabling the highest resolution available. The PC gaming experience is further enhanced through multiple monitors – immersing the gamer in an environment only previously experienced by wearing a head-mounted display. These combined features provide a firsthand experience for the gamer to be immersed in the gaming experience.

Want to see how you can get in on the DisplayPort gaming experience? Check out this video showing how gamers can use multiple displays while gaming: