Enabling the delivery of full DisplayPort A/V of >4K performance, superspeed USB data and up to 100 watts of power


VESA’s DisplayPort standard delivers the industry’s premium audio-visual experience. With DisplayPort, products have longer battery life, can been thinner, reach unmatched resolutions like 4k x 2k, and support 3D. By enabling technology manufacturers to offer better color depths, higher refresh and data transfer rates, and support for High-Definition (HD) audio formats all through a single wire, DisplayPort brings a more immersive experience to consumers and organizations across industries. Furthermore, DisplayPort is backwards compatible with DVI, VGA and HDMI, enabling users to leverage the equipment they already have.

Tomorrow: with the additional features of DP 1.3:

Next Generation Revolutionary Display Interface Technology

  • Up to 8.1 GBPS per lane — 32.4 Gbps over 4 lanes
  • Allowing for overhead — 25.92 Gbps over 4 lanes
  • Increased bandwidth allow 5K monitors (5120 x 2880) with a single cable and no compression
  • Multiple display support–two 4K UHD monitors (3840 x 2160) using VESA Coordinated Video Timing supported from a single connector
  • Continued support for video conversion to VGA, DVI and HDMI
  • Support for HDCP 2.2 and HDMI 2.0 with CEC
  • Support for 4:2:0 pixel structure which enables 8K x 4K displays
  • Ability to support UHD monitor @60Hz and 24-bit color over (2) lanes while assigning other 2 lanes for alternate data types such as USB as allowed in DockPort


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PC gamers require a system that enables them to see everything, and doesn’t lag. This often means turning to high-powered graphics cards and multi-display set-ups. DisplayPort is quickly becoming the interface of choice because it delivers the highest resolution support, highest refresh rates and deeper color depth, ensuring nothing is missed. DisplayPort also allows users to drive multiple monitors through a single cable, creating an immersive experience without the clutter. With designed-in support for 3D stereo transmission, DisplayPort is the ideal gaming interface for now and the future. Where can you find it? DisplayPort is already included on many of the leading PCs, displays, laptops, motherboards and graphics cards, meaning all you need to do is look for the logo.


For those with a home office, or just looking to do more with their personal PC, DisplayPort makes the PC experience more enjoyable and productive. With DisplayPort, you can connect up to four displays from a single port. This means having the ability to work on multiple documents simultaneously, or stream video on one screen while staying on top of your favorite social networks on the other. DisplayPort also provides unmatched data transfer rates, resolutions, color depth and refresh rates, meaning you can truly experience your content how it was meant to be consumed.

General Business

In business environments, workspace can be tough to find. Whether it is a PC display at a reception desk or powering digital signs, DisplayPort provides you the flexibility you need. DisplayPort cables can run up to 15 meters (49.21 feet) without requiring signal boosters, making DisplayPort the perfect choice for conference room projectors, digital displays and remote PC applications. Simple adaptors allow you to connect displays using older connection standards such as DVI, HDMI and VGA, so upgrading to a high performance audio-visual experience won’t blow your budget.

Medical Imaging

Medical imaging is the most demanding when it comes to image resolution and accuracy, an area where DisplayPort is unchallenged. DisplayPort is ideally suited for sensitive environments because it doesn’t interfere with other components in the environment around it. And it delivers every pixel directly to the display without compression providing most accurate image production. DisplayPort can also be ran 100’s of meters through its native fiber optic support, delivering unmatched design flexibility.

Work Stations

Designed to deliver the highest resolutions, fastest refresh rates, and deepest colors, DisplayPort is the ideal display interface for professional applications such as CAD/CAM, GIS, 3D modeling, real time simulation, and more. The ultra-small DisplayPort connector now enables four or more monitors to be driven from a graphics card using standard cables, opening up new possibilities for high performance work flows with demanding professional applications.

Digital Signage

DisplayPort lets you take advantage of today’s high-bandwidth content, enabling you to create a professional and powerfully compelling digital signage solution. With native fiber optic support, DisplayPort can be run 100’s of meters to remote monitors or other image receiving equipment.