There’s More to Our Logos Than Meets the Eye

Dear DisplayPort Users:

Starting in May 2012, products that use the DisplayPort logo must now be tested and approved by VESA, the Video Electronics Standards Association. This new logo policy was established by the VESA member companies to ensure a reliable, trouble-free user experience with DisplayPort products.

In just six years, DisplayPort has revolutionized the computer, workstation, and display industries by offering the highest performance display connection available. DisplayPort offers the highest resolution and display refresh rates, most precise colors, and support for multiple monitors from a single cable. More than 180 product brands have adopted DisplayPort, and most products already using the DisplayPort logo have been tested. You will find a “DP” logo on notebook and desktop computers, displays, cables, adaptors, projectors, hubs, and more.

Look for the DisplayPort logo – Your experience with DisplayPort products should be simple and predictable!





Q1:      What changes were made to the DisplayPort logo policy, and how does this affect me?

A2:       The new logo policy makes DisplayPort products better! All products bearing the DisplayPort logo have been tested against strict guidelines to ensure they will work as advertised. Only products that undergo testing are permitted to carry the DP logo. Companies that use the DisplayPort logo must also be a VESA member.

Q2:      Why has the DisplayPort logo policy changed?

A2:       As more DisplayPort products enter the market, standardized testing is needed to ensure that all DisplayPort products work together. The logo identifies the product as an official DisplayPort product which has undergone compliance testing, providing assurance for a good user experience.

Q3:      Which DisplayPort logos are affected? 

A3:       All the DisplayPort logos that include the “DP” logo are affected by the new policy. This includes the logos shown at the top of this page, which are for DisplayPort, Dual-Mode DisplayPort (DP++), and the DisplayPort Active Cable logo.

Q4:      What about the DisplayPort Certified logo? 

A4:       The DisplayPort Certified logo will be discontinued and no longer issued to technology manufacturers.

Q5:      When does the new DisplayPort logo policy change take effect?

A5:       The new logo policy change takes effect on May 1, 2012.

Q6:      What if a product I own is marked with the DisplayPort logo prior to the change taking effect? Is it still good?

A6:       If you purchased a product bearing the DisplayPort logo prior to May 1, 2012, no need to worry. Your product will still work as advertised.

Q7:      What products must adhere to the new logo changes?

A7:       All products bearing the DisplayPort, Dual-Mode DisplayPort (DP++), and Active Cable logos must adhere to the new policy. Please check our Products Database for a complete list: All of the products listed that have a DisplayPort logo shown next to the product have been tested.

Q8:      Where can I find the new DisplayPort logo on my product?

A8:       The location of the new DisplayPort logo depends on the product. Products such as computers, projectors, laptops, etc. will typically have the logo near the DisplayPort port. Cables and cable adaptors typically have the logo on the cable or molded into the connector plug.

Q9:      How can I find out if a DisplayPort product is logo-certified before I purchase it?

A9:       There are two ways to determine this. First, only a logo-certified product can use the DisplayPort logo on the product packaging, advertising, product manual, etc. If the product package includes the DisplayPort logo, it has been tested.  Second, VESA maintains a list of logo-certified products, which can be accessed here: All of the products listed that have a DisplayPort logo shown next to the product have been tested.

Q10:    I’m thinking of purchasing a computer with a Thunderbolt output. While a Thunderbolt output also supports DisplayPort, there is no DisplayPort logo.  How can I be sure it will work with a DisplayPort display?

A10:     Intel is a member of VESA, and VESA works closely with the Thunderbolt Technology group at Intel. To receive the Thunderbolt logo, a Thunderbolt product must also pass the same DisplayPort certification tests used for DisplayPort logo testing.