Best Reasons to Use DisplayPort (Part II)

Last week we discussed how consumers are using DisplayPort for a multiple monitor experience in both productivity and PC gaming use cases. This week we are highlighting some more reasons to use DisplayPort. Streaming from the small screen to the big screen More people are using mobile devices to share and consume content.  With Mobility DisplayPort (MyDP) standard, users are able to connect their phone and stream content to a DisplayPort-enabled monitor. MyDP standard a... More

Best Reasons to Use DisplayPort (Part I)

There has been growing interest in the DisplayPort standard and its unique features, such as higher resolution and multi-streaming via a single DisplayPort output. Since its origination on business-oriented laptops and desktops, DisplayPort is now found on more mainstream devices. With the latest Intel Haswell series CPUs supporting DisplayPort and multi-streaming capabilities, we take this opportunity to highlight a few of the best reasons to use DisplayPort: Increased pro... More

4K Ultra HD Displays: What You Need to Know

If you haven’t heard by now, the 4K Ultra HD displays are coming. The movies are arriving, monitors are in production and broadcasters are getting their cameras ready for 4K television. While the technology is here and devices are beginning to appear, what does this mean to the consumer?  Earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show, 4K was all a buzz when it came to televisions. But what about non-television applications, such as gaming or other general PC monitor u... More